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When Wild Women Rise We 




My overnight success looks a lot like 5-years of work, commitment, failure and dedication. I’m a Success coach for Wild Women, a mom, a wife and a woman who believes in the power of creating the successful life that WORKS for YOU.  I spent years chasing someone else’s version of success only to come back to the foundational truth, success is an inside job.


None of this “trying” to create success BS that has everything to do with chasing an idea and nothing to do with you, your soul work and purpose. I’ve never been good at being “realistic.” So, if you’re looking for a coach who will rock your worldview around what’s possible for you, inspire you to actually live the life you want, and love you all along the way, you’ve found her.


I serve and support Wild Women who are reclaiming themselves to Rise up and live a purpose-led, fulfilling and magic filled life.


I use the Akashic Records, Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Tarot all woven with my traditional coaching training to help you use your spiritual practice to take aligned action in your life at home and in work.


What does this mean?


I support YOU to utilize, trust and act upon your intuitive guidance to create the fulfilling life that’s been calling you… Maybe that call is a soft whisper, or maybe it’s screaming and nagging at you “it’s time to make a change right now I know you’re fucking terrified but you better do it because you need to and it’s time!”  <- Read that without taking a breath, because that’s how it feels in your body.


So, I do this work because this work healed me. This is what I teach my clients who are shifting into doing their soul work in this world. This is what I teach my clients who are in the midst of a big personal transition.


Ya know, that frantic over-thinking and panic that consumes your lungs and is laced with questions like “Who am I? What am I supposed to do with my life? How do I add value to this world? Why does this always happen to me?...”


Do you know the feeling?


I’d love to support you! Learn how I can support you to reclaim your sovereignty through alchemizing the mystical with the practical, tangible day-to-day magic.


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Group Coaching

Working with Meaghan taught me to love and honor myself at a deeper level than I ever have. I learned to give myself permission to show up authentically, allowing all areas of my life to be more fluid and relaxed. It had a positive impact on my relationship with myself, my partner, my daughter and my business. She showed me all areas of life get to be easy and fun and work gets to be play. If you are craving more joy, greater expression and increased freedom in your life, I recommend working with Meaghan RIGHT NOW! She'll rock your world.

-Alisabeth Shelman