Imagine feeling clear about your purpose, about how to live it and how to serve your ideal clients or customers without feeling like you have to live a double life of “spiritual abundance” vs living in “the real world.”


Let me guess you’re ready to be financially supported by your gifts. You’re ready to live an abundant life where you support the world to use the spiritual tools that have transformed your life. But you look around at all these other successful soul-led entrepreneurs and you feel deflated.  


You struggle with feeling like you’re not good enough, worthy enough, educated enough, qualified enough to do this work and present yourself as an “expert.” You struggle with consistently showing up which prevents you from fully showing up and doing the work you are being called to do. 


 I KNOW... It’s so frustrating when you feel the abundance of the universe but you don’t see this abundance in your bank account, isn’t it?  If you're anything like me you’ve learnt many life-changing healing modalities with the goal to make a living doing what nourishes your soul, instead of working at jobs that aren’t fulfilling...just to pay the bills.





The nagging belief that “you’re not healed or enough”  often prevents you from fully showing up and doing the work you are being called to do.


Trust me, you’re not alone. I was there for longer than I’d like to admit. For the first 5 years of becoming a spiritual entrepreneur I yo-yoed between being hired and flown to speak at events, to completely closing my practice and halting my work because I felt like I wasn’t “put together” enough to serve. AKA I was on the hot-mess express and I felt I needed to hide from the world until I was perfect enough to share and serve.


I’m honored to say that in showing up, in my perfectly imperfect state, and committing to put my self-judgement aside so I could truly be of service to my purpose has completely transformed my life. I have tripled my business in 6 months, became an Akashic Record Practitioner, a Reiki Master and have been showcased on numerous blogs, podcasts and live interviews. I’m honored and blessed to share that I continue to grow my following of ideal soulmate clients every day.  I’ve learned that it’s less about perfecting spiritual tools and more about taking daily action to integrate this ancient wisdom, especially when you’re afraid or struggling.


Instead of consuming more spiritual information and wisdom that will just fill YOU up, you will be supported to shift out of your comfort zone and take action on your purpose.  To share this wisdom from your energy archetype (I'll teach you what this is.) All to support you to get clarity about the ideal way to present the wisdom and magic you embody to your ideal soulmate clients.


In this group program you get the best of both worlds.


What you get:

You get a month of 1:1 Akashic Record healing and coaching with me as well as 8 weeks of group support. The group support is where the real magic happens. It’s like I always say, when wild women rise we rise together. In this sacred space we do shamanic journeys together, share business progress,fears, intentions and wins. We set manifestations forth and nurture your own personal resolve so you feel worthy to receive the divine magnitude of brilliance that is just waiting for you on the other-side of your fear and self-sabotage.


You will be supported to stand in your power according to the energy archetype your specific soul holds. This will transform your approach to how to show up and do your great work in this world as well as make you a magnet for the magic you’ve been working so hard to create.


Who is this for?


This is for you if you have been working on creating a soul-led side hustle that will one day support you to quit your job.


If you’ve been working on getting clear about the work you want to do, and have been offering different types of healing and support to clients but you just can’t seem to get organized, grow and expand in the way you want to. It’s for you if you’re ready to be brave, take inspired action and grow beyond your internal fears, beliefs and limitations around your own worth and value.


Space is limited, there are only 8 spots available. If you know that this is for you I encourage you to join today.