It's going to cost you your old life

Something amazing (and sometimes terrifying) about change and transformation is that something's gotta give. ✨ You are ready to have an extraordinary relationship with true wealth, right?

Time to let go of not feeling like you're enough. Time to let go of the life that's based around lack and never having enough? ✨ Ready to be more open to sex that is fulfilling? Time to speak your truth, time to be vulnerable and let go of those walls you've had up around your heart. ✨ The easier route is always to stick with what you know and stay in your habits that keep you stuck.

The infinitely more rewarding route is standing on the corner of what you know and what you don't and always taking the road less traveled. It's in bravely saying, "I want more" and than courageously asking for it. ✨ On this #sexymoney journey we are all in it together! All here to grow beyond our limitations and I'm excited to see and experience this transformation along side you. ✨ What are you willing to let go of?

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