How pushing through keeps you stuck


Do you allow yourself to feel your feelings or do you try to fix them?

Try to stay positive?

Try to feel better?


Trying to feel better has its place in life but, it's sort of like a Band-Aid. Truly moving forward and releasing the negative means actually feeling all of those emotions you are trying not to feel.


This is something that I continuously grow and expand in. I often feel like I have to help everyone else and stay positive before I can pay attention to me. (Guess what!? It gets me nowhere fast.... and the help I want to give is kinda shit.)


So how do you move past your negative emotions?


Allow yourself to be who you are (regardless of how afraid you are to be her) and accept the moment. "Welcome to is, where it is what it is." was a little poem I said to myself while I was going through my separation and navigating being a single mom and it served me well!


I don't know why, but somewhere along the line, we all get it kind of backward. We think that we have to hide our true emotions, that we can't be vulnerable and open, because if we are we will be rejected. We feel like we have to be tough to be enough and accepted. Holy Shit, this only creates more disconnection when we are yearning for connection. This creates more struggles when we deeply desire grace. This creates more strife when we want peace.

If you wish to move forward, to manifest more, to heal your relationships, to unapologetically be more of who you are, start by accepting who you are, where you are right now!


Let go of what you think the outside world will think. Be gentle and kind to yourself.


Be you, because the world needs what only you can give.

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