How being a huge “failure” transformed me!


When you show up for yourself and your dreams the Universe conspires to make them a reality. The first step is always showing up. :: Truth Bomb: THIS took me a long time to really believe and understand. I thought I had to force and fight to be me in this world. I believed, deep down, that if I wasn't the right weight, didn't always have the right answers, and didn't do everything perfectly that I was a failure. :: I got into coaching 5 years ago because my father died, I had postpartum depression and I couldn't seem to get out of the fog of darkness that clouded my being. :: I did all the right things. Within my first year, I had clients scheduled constantly and was being flown to venues to speak. :: Then (like many coaches out there have experienced) I realized that I needed to coach myself first. I felt like a total fraud and completely closed down my biz. I was driven inward by an untamable force. :: I left the father of my child. I got a job. I walked in self-doubt and insane fear about who I was while becoming a single mom. :: My spirit told me to dive in, to move through my own limitations to be my own coach. It wasn't always pretty, heck it fucking sucked half the time. But the deeper I went the more my heart broke wide open. The more my heart broke open the more I could hear her voice. :: Facing my truth meant letting go of what I thought I needed to do, be and have to be in my purpose. The voice within has the wheel now. Listening to my intuition and heeding her call has completely transformed my life. I went from broken to whole, from Victim to Victory. Not just for myself, but for the greatest highest good of my daughter, my family and all sentient beings. :: Now I am back here ready to partner with powerful women who are on the edge and looking to dive in and do the same. I see you; you're not looking for a coach, not looking to fix yourself. You are ready to master your inner guidance and ignite your soul purpose. :: Sound like you?

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