The woman I used to be

Let me tell you a story about the woman I used to be.

A few years ago I was blessed to be apart of a sacred women's group (much like the I AM enough training program that starts next month.)

There was this woman in my group, let's call her "Sage" because that's what she was to me, a sage.

She was purchasing her 2nd property when we met and talking about purchasing a business for her husband as well.

I looked at her in awe and thought "wow, I wish I could do that but I'll never be able to. Tahoe is way more expensive. I'm a single mom. I fucking work as an executive assistant making $17 an hour at a ski resort. Mortgages are terrifying. I have bad credit. Etc."

I judged myself harshly about where I was. In doing this, I kept myself in the thought-loop that I wasn't worthy. Can you relate?

I judged myself for not being good enough with money to ever be able to buy 1 property let alone 2.

Sage would come on our weekly calls and talk about her fears and the overwhelm she felt about it all.

"Yeah, she's overwhelmed by all her dreams coming true. Poor thing." I would say to myself.

I was being a scared bratty little bitch. I was judging someone, I respected deeply, for showing me what was possible if I wanted it. I judged her because I was jealous and afraid that I could never be anything as incredible. Not-to-mention she was fucking gorgeous.

This group I was in showed me all different versions of women creating success for themselves.

Fast forward to now: here I am 4 years later in contract on our 2nd property. Do you think I'm feeling fear? Fuck yes. Are all my dreams coming true? Fuck yes.

Being in this sacred group with this woman and other women who were launching their businesses and facing their fears served to build a foundation within me around what could be.

I share this with you today as a reminder that you are not stuck where you are. You are not stuck in a financial bracket. You are not stuck being single. You are not stuck. Period.

You always have a choice in the moment.

This moment.

Sometimes these shifts are subtle and quiet like the seeds deep in Mother Earth. They are rooting down first.

Will you come and root down with us in the I AM Enough Group Program: The Seriously Magical program for honing and owning your power?

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