group programs

You know that incredible coach and healer that seems to just be magnetic AF? 


It's time for you to be her. Maybe, just maybe you've finally decided to stop treating your soul-buisness like a hobby. You've decided to stop giving away your services for rock-bottom prices (OR FREE) because you don't feel "qualified" enough to charge more. 


The I AM enough group program is for the Wild Woman who is rising. She is ready to be the coach and healer she wishes to see in this world.

What you can expect to get from this program:


You can expect to walk away from this program with confidence, poise and results in your soul-based coaching and healing practice (if you show up and do the work!)

You can expect to stop dreaming of feeling like you're enough to launch your soul-based business and actually KNOW you're enough.

You can expect to sign on new clients and walk away with tools to grow and expand your practice.

What we will be doing:


We blend magic, energy healing and shamanic journey's with strategy and action plans that get you the results you've dreamed of. 


Is this something that you want? 

What a great experience! Meaghan lead me to a serene magical place of healing. Thank you Meaghan!

Savina, Greece